Green Destinations LLC is the first green property developer in the Middle East. As a Swiss-UAE company based in Dubai, we plan, design and develop resource-efficient buildings and property master plans, with one objective in mind:
environmental conservation.

We started Green Destinations in 2005 in recognition that today's design limitations in the building and construction sector are set by ecological aspects. In order to properly integrate property developments into the natural environment and to leverage the ecological land value, we focus on:

  • Feasibility Studies for Property Developments
  • Concept & Program Design
  • Master Planning of Sustainable Communities
  • Energy & Ecological Building Design
  • Financial Engineering & Appraisal
  • Selection of Cleantech Products & Services
  • Certification of Green Buildings
  • Destination Branding

Green Destinations projects include residential & commercial property developments, hotel resorts, and national & nature parks across the Middle East and Africa. In May 2009, we opened an office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

With help of a wide partnership network with suppliers of various cleantech products & services relevant to property development, we export sustainable construction know-how and environmental expertise from Switzerland. This allows us to always offer our clients the newest technologies and concepts in order to create modern and ecologically-sound properties.